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Car Accident Lawyer Offers 9 Tips for Safer Night Driving Greenville

Most people do not enjoy driving after sunset. The roads are more dangerous at night than during the day, according to Forbes. Night blindness, low visibility, animals on the roads, drunk drivers and other hazards can contribute to serious accidents. Although three-quarters of traffic is out during the day, more than half of driving fatalities happen at night.

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Read on for nine steps to improve your safety while driving at night:

1. Adjust Your Headlights


It is important that your headlights are at the proper angle. Adjust them according to their instructions, but be careful not to blind oncoming traffic, as South Carolina Legislature explains.

2. Dim Dash Lights and Instrument Panels


There is a good reason for dimmer switches on a dashboard. These lights compromise forward vision and create glaring reflections. Dim all internal lights to extend your external vision.

3. Wear the Right Glasses


Yellow-lensed glasses do not improve night vision. Although some designers claim these glasses enhance contrast, they actually impair vision. Rather, invest in prescription glasses with built-in anti-reflective coating.

4. Look for Animals


People who live outside the city must contend with animals on dark roads. A collision with wildlife can cause extensive damage. Luckily, your headlights will reflect their eyes in the darkness, so keep a lookout for them.

5. Avoid Staring into Oncoming Lights


Bright lights can blind you for several dangerous seconds. Do not look at them. Adjust your mirror if a car behind you is shining light in your eyes, and follow the lines of the road to maintain your trajectory.

6. Clean the Windshield


A windshield that appears clean by day may still have streaks that cause nighttime glare. The best way to remove residue on windows is to polish the glass with newspaper.

7. Use Fog Lights


Fog lights improve visibility at night. They have wider beams that highlight more of the road. Fog never rises more than a few feet from the ground, so aim your headlights low to improve your vision.

8. Add Auxiliary Lights


Auxiliary lamps, such as spotlights, pencil beams and driving lights, can light up the night for you. You should not use them in busy areas, however, and some are illegal. Be cautious about your choices.

9. Adjust and Clean the External Mirrors


Dirty mirrors create glare, so clean yours regularly. It is also important to adjust exterior mirrors so you are able to move your head and avoid light reflections. You should also dim the inside rear-view mirror.

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